How to Block A Number On Android Phone

How to Block A Number On Android Phone
It’s really irritating when you unexpectedly receiving unpleasant calls without being identifying the callers. Whether you are sales marketer or business tycoon having your mobile phone ring every hour only to find unwanted interrupting your day is another headache that everyone encountered. 

Of course there are phone users who do put restrictions on calls receive to stop unwanted calls but yet there are persistent offenders who still trying manage to sneak their way through. But the question is what can we do on our phone to stop this madness? In this post we’ll take you through into some of the option to consideration on various Android phones use to put an end into unwanted calls.

 Normally to block a number on Android there are three options to make it work.
1.   Contact your mobile operator
 2.   Checking your own phone setting to activate auto-reject calls personally.
3.   Use of a third party blocking app such like “TrueCaller

There are some phones that tend to have different methods by the manufacturer, which may not allow some feature directly, and in those cases you can apply third-party solution to make it work but most of the Android phone apply same principle.

To Block A Number On Samsung Phone

If you are a Samsung user you can follow this method to block a number on Samsung phone. To enable a block you should open the Phone app and then tap the three dots in the right top corner. On the menu that appears choose Settings then tap Block Numbers.

You can enter a phone number there to block a specific number you wanted to block, or enable the toggle to block all the unknown callers.

To block a number from your Call history, tap on the round circle with a head in it next to the number, then tap the three dots at the top right corner of the page and choose Block number. 

How to Block a number On an LG Android phone

To perform blocking caller number on LG Android, you should open the Phone apps, and select from the Call logs tab, then tap the three dots at the top right and choose Call Settings. Under General you choose “Call blocking and decline with message”. Choose blocked numbers, tap the + sign, and then select Contacts, Call logs or New number. Select or enter the number to block, then tap on Done. 

From your call log you should also be able to block a specific number by selecting whichever one you want to block, then tap on three dots at the top right and choose Block Number to enable Block.  

Blocking A number On Android Using A Third-Party

Blocking a number using Third-Party apps has made it quite easy to relieve us the stress of setting block number manually to stop receiving and to restrict unwanted calls.  

Third-party app can enable any Android phone to restrict any unwanted calls and also identifying the callers. Many people have been omitted this option and its work best to control, and monitoring all your calls if install on your Android device.

Perhaps, if you can’t enable block caller from your phone’s operating system setting, you can still turn to third-party solutions to make it work. Just have login to visit Google Play Store to download "TrueCaller App" to activate blocking unwanted numbers.

Hope you this find post interesting! 

Feel free to leave you feedback and your opinion on this post is highly welcome.






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