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How to Activate Facebook Two-Factor Authentication On Android Phone

 How to Activate Facebook Two-Factor Authentication On Android Phone
Facebook has listed new security login approvals to enable users to have better way of accessing their Facebook account. This featured is as a result of users who have a problem of remembered their passwords which do give way for hacking of their account. 
However, in an attempt to simplify things up for the users to enable them to have better secure login accounts, Facebook now redesigned to featured the two-factor authentication in their settings as “login Approvals”
Enable two factor authentication on your Android Facebook will improves your security by requiring a login PIN code and security additional to your password. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to prevent other people from accessing or logging into your account.

How to Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp

Facebook has enabled new featured into the security setting to help users safe guard their account from unauthorized person and hackers who may hijack their account unknowingly.Thanks to various scamming and hackers that is taking place to bring about this security code service to enable on Facebook.

One of the strong defenses against thieves is adding two-factor verification which requires enabling on your phone security code. This means that in just a few minutes you can make your account even more secure.

Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017), J5 (2017) And J7 (2017) Unveiled With 13MP camera

Samsung has now unveiled three devices in its J-series dubbed as Galaxy J3 (2017), Galaxy J5 (2017) and Galaxy J7 (2017). The J-series devices are already popular in the market, which are mid-tire devices that are already be seen. Samsung has the tendency of launching devices with the same name, and these new devices are successors of J3, J5, and J7 from last year. The new devices have been officially announced in the UK and all of these will be coming with the latest new Android Nougat operating system with Samsungs own UI on top. These entire devices will come with 16GB of onboard storage. 

How to Enable Two Factor Authentication On Facebook (Laptop/PC Guide)

Back in February this year, Facebook owned WhatsApp and introduced 2-step verification for all its users which added an extra layer of security to their accounts. A month later, Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook, rolled out two factor authentication for its users too. Well, this is definitely a welcome move as to prevent unauthorized people from accessing users’ accounts.

MTN Solar: Mobile Electricity Power Reliable For Home Use

The lack of electricity power supply has been one of the major challenging in African even in basic of lighting and other appliances like phones charging, television, radio and many more. Most African countries has been discovered their potential in positioned themselves to put solution to the challenges of electricity problem in their countries.
Governments are now capitalizing on the development of renewable energy projects, and the private sector has realized the latent business opportunities to make a positive impact to different communities.
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