WhatsApp Updates Now Feature With GIF Video

 WhatsApp Updates Now Feature With GIF Video
WhatsApp, with the choice of billions users has now function with new interesting features. WhatsApp team always listen to its users and present them new features as they want. Whether I talk about sending video as animated GIF, or creating my video as GIF, new secret font, video calling, etc., WhatsApp function with them.

This is time, updates WhatsApp has gifted with beneficial features. Earlier, people were desperately waiting for sending GIFs from their WhatsApp account and that wish was fullfilled by WhatsApp in its previous public update. Taking this feature a step ahead, WhatsApp is integrating with GIPHY which is embedded in the updates and send aimated video GIFs using WhatsApp.

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is now featured in the WhatsApp. This allow users to import Vine videos as animated GIFs. This time, WhasApp and GIPHY have come together to let users search interesting GIFs within their WhatsApp account and send any GIF to their contact or WhatsApp group.

Look at the screenshot in the middle of the post. There is a GIF icon at the bottom and a Search icon at the bottom left corner visible on WhatsApp. That simply means you can search and send animated GIFs directly from WhatsApp.

Let’s See How To Search and Share GIPHY GIFs Using WhatsApp:

Firstly, you need to updates your Whatsapp at Google Play Store to enable this new feature. After check if any WhatsApp update related to this feature is available on yout WhatsApp.

My WhatsApp Updates is featured with GIF video embedded. This feature is available in beta version of WhatsApp. Once you have Updated you can enjoy stable version WhatsApp working perfectly on your device.

How to Search for WhatsApp GIF
1. Open WhatsApp and click that Emoji icon.

2. Now what you will notice is that a GIF icon in green is visible at the bottom (same as pointed in the screenshot below).

3. Click that GIF icon and now you are in the animated GIF section.

You will see a lot of interesting GIFs available on GIPHY within your WhatsApp chat. You can scroll down to find more and more GIFs videos.

4. You can also search GIFs by using custom keywords. You will see a Search icon at the bottom left corner on WhatsApp. Use that icon and enter keywords to search for any GIF video. It will provide GIFs suggestions based on the keywords you typed.

5. Choose any GIF of your choice and share it.

That's All!

Check more post to know How to Create GIF video on WhatsApp.

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