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How to Create Squeeze Webpage

In this post am going to discuss how to create squeeze webpage for our website in a simple way that can be use to building our email list.

The opt-in list is very essential on website. it is a simple list building techniques that make us have a responsive email of our subscribers for receiving newsletters or our daily post into their submitted email addresses on the website.

Squeeze page is a kind of designed triangle box hanged in the middle of any website page as a lead generation page with an attractive background in the center page for collection of our email subscribers.

How to Use Multiple Social Media WhatsApp, Facebook And Instagram On Single Phone

Technology is improving every day to make life easy for our living. We need to use this opportunity to enjoy using them to make our communication better.This is a great chance for those that operate multiples accounts of social media on their phone. If you are using two accounts of WhatsApp, facebook, instagram, and other social networking you can make use of all these Apps on one single phone at a time.

This mean that you can use the whole of your social Apps on one single phone at a go to communicate with your friends and love once with multiple social accounts without exchanging or sharing Apps with any other phone.
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