How to Get 4G of AIRTEL Data Subscription Plan On Your Phone

 How to Get 4G of AIRTEL Data Subscription Plan On Your Phone

 If you are Airtel users, you are about to discover how to get 4GB of data plan to use on your phone and you can also connected to use on your PC. The Airtel 4G subscriptions plan is for blackberry phones but can also be use on any Android phones and it works on any devices. The subscription works for two months once it is configured and it is selective in some part of Airtel SIM card.

To activate 4G Airtel subscriptions on your phone requires two option but this option depends on which messages you receive whether your phone is eligible for the plan or not. You have to dial a code on your phone number to know if your SIM card is allow for the plan before you can load a recharge card of N1, 500 on your phone to subscribe.

Option 1

To know if your SIM card is eligible for Airtel 4G subscription you need to dial the code *440*161#, when you receive a reply message that says, “you don’t have sufficient credit” mean you are good to go ahead and recharge. Then redial the code *440*161#  to subscribe with your recharge card of N1, 500 on your phone. Once you dialed the code, money will be deducted; 4G will be activated on your phone with the SMS alert that is valid for 60 days, which is 2 month.

Option 2

This option is not like the one above and the subscription amount and code are different from the first option.  Once you dial the code *440*161#, and you receive message that says, Dear Customer, you are not eligible for this offer. Kindly dial *141*1# to select other Blackberry offers” this mean you are not eligible for first option but this is what you will do, you can still recharge N1, 500 on your Airtel and dial this code *440*16#, with this code you will be given 2GB unlimited monthly plan for 30days. 

With this, you can still surfing the internet and browse at a cheaper rate conveniently. Remember, this can work on every phone either on blackberry or Android phone. Try it and if it will work for you.

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Enjoy your internet!



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