How I Added Ads to My Mobile View On Blogger

How I Added Ads to My Mobile View On Blogger

Today, I want to show you how I added ads to my mobile view on blogger to start showing the ads on mobile template. I believe you too can. It is very simple to do if you following the step, though there might be other way to do it, but this method I used work for me and I believe it will also work for you if you do. 

To start you have to login into your Blogger Dashboard.

1. Go to your Dashboard and click “Template


2. Click the icon under “Mobile” and select “Yes, show mobile template or mobile view”

3. Then click to “Choose mobile template” and select “Custom” then Save. 

4. Still under Template, Click on Edit HTML, 
Click your cursor inside and use your keyboard (CTRL + F) to bring out search box then type this: 'main' id='main' 

It will look similar to the following;
< b:section class='main' id='main' maxwidgets= '1' showaddelement= 'no'> 

You only edit to replace '1' to '3' and 'no' to 'yes' and it will look similar to this code below:
< b:section class='main' id='main' maxwidgets='3' showaddelement='yes' > 

5. Click “Save Template” 

If do not mean one or two code is not parse properly.

NOW Go to LAYOUT, if you have not place any ads code on your Gadget before, click on your Gadget to place your ads code.

6. Click on “Add Gadget” and Select “HTML/Java Script” 

7. Copy and paste your ads code on it, leave the title empty then Click Save below it. 

8. Click “Save arrangement” on your Layout. After that you need to click on your gadget 'Edit link' below your gadget again. 

Note: This time you will click the address bar of the gadget window and scroll down to the end to take note of the HTML as seen below.

You must note the your HTML with number for instance: HTML1, or HTML10, or HTML14 and

9. Go back to “Template” and click Edit HTML, and use your (CTRL + F) on keyboard to bring out search box and type HTML14, locate your own HTML with number. 

10.  Add mobile='yes' and it will become similar to this code;

 < b:widget id='HTML14' locked='false' mobile='yes' title='' type='HTML'> 

11. Click “Save Template”

Now you can check to view your blog on your mobile phone and you’ll see your ads displaying in action. 

NOTE: To make your ads to show in the body of your post. Use (CTR+F) to search this ]]>< /b:skin> without a space and then past your ads code directly above it. 
Whenever you added new gadget ads code on layout HTML/Java script and you want it to display on mobile view, always locate your ‘HTML…’ with the number and go to Edit HTML to add mobile='yes'  to your widget id to display your ads on your mobile phone view. 

If you get it, leave your comment to let me know and if you need assistant you can
contact me.



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