Sharpen Your Saw

In the history of agriculture and forestry, the concept of "Sharpening Your Saw" has real meaning. It refers keeping your tools ready and makes it available, your skills, and your attitude maintained to be ready, and sharpen properly for use.

This week, I ponder about how the principles of sharpen your saw can be apply across the business activities.

To expand your business or achieve any significant goal, you need to find the best tools you can apply to grow your business.

Its  does not matter whether the challenge is harvesting or not, or you’re making a sales, or teaching in a high school, or working in a organization but whatever may be your professions, what matter is that the person with the best tools will always get the best result.

Therefore to apply the principle, here are some important areas to examine:

 1.  Your Computer. Today technology has improved in a sense that almost every organization is making use of computer system in their daily business activity. Therefore, you need a good tool for the maintenance of your system. Get and USE the right tools to run a thorough check for viruses, de-fragment your hard disk, and check for errors at least once a week. There are examples of good tools like Norton, McAfee and Avert sells tools that works accurately and automated.

2.  Voice Communication. The use of voice communication is very essential. If your clients, customers, friends or colleagues can't talk to you or get you on mobile or telegram, they will message you with a voice mail system. Many entrepreneurs need to know the important of voice mail and if client can’t communicate with you, they won't do business with you. And NEVER use caller ID that requires people to identify themselves before they can call you. Don’t make it difficult for people to contact you! Get and use proper voice mail system to communicate to your business partners.

Planning Ahead
3.  Get your Smartphone ready for use or similar system available for your business activity. Every professional has a vital list of appointments, phone numbers, names and data that you must have with you at all times. Stay intact with and don't leave home without it very important.

4.  Use of Email and Internet services. It is very essential using internet to communicate with your business activities. But having an email is not enough; you need to make it work for you! Become an expert at quickly sharing articles, email lists, notes, and information with your customers and clients. Check email often and respond to them instantly.

5.  Get a Specific tool for Your Niche and Profession. Every industry has its own tools, skills, principles and language for their profession. Become an expert in them.  Mastering your tools and being known as a person who invests in a new technology that provides latest solutions to people. It may be costly but it’s attracts profits.



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