5 Reason You Want to Quit Your Job

Do you really like the job you do? If your answer is yes, congratulations you’re ahead of those that don’t like the job they do. Some people are not happy with their work. But the fact that, you like what you do doesn’t mean you’ll stay there forever. Remember, one day you will leave, or one thing on other will definitely makes you leave either to higher pay job, or to start your own business.

You will discover most people working are not happy with the kind of job they do. It may not be their wish to do such a job or maybe thinking they were not suppose to be where they are right now, but there are some factor which may be responsible for being unhappy and they want to leave for another job.

How to Speed Up Your Android Phone

You are tired of slow performance of your phone even when you can’t afford to get brand new one for now, but your current phone is really annoys you whenever is in use. Well, there are many things you can do to speed it up and work it out as you desire.

Besides, resources which are available on some Android phone like RAM, ROM, CPU, processor and storage may not have much capacity to carry heavy apps and other files you’ve installed.  This also depend on kind of Android version individual is using. But most cause of slow performance is that you’ve filled up the spaces with apps of which you don’t usually use or downloaded apps that may not be of important to you.

How to Stop Apps Working Automatically on Android Background

Android users usually discovered that most time their phone performances do slow down and battery easily drained whenever Android is in used. There can be several factors responsible for this, but what may cause this often are usually some of unwanted apps you’ve installed running automatically in the background of the phone.
In this post, we’re going to look at how you can stop some of these apps functioning in background and what to do to restrain them from auto restarting.

Making Money from Your Mailing List

If you are information marketer or selling online products, you might have known, or heard that money is in the mailing list. But there are many ways one can make money from mailing list. Just having a substantial mailing list is no guarantee that you’ll make money from it, though the key to making money from mailing list is using it as a yardstick tool to drive traffic to your site and to entice people to make purchases whenever they visit your website.
But how do we make money from mailing list? However, in this post, I have a couple of tips you can follow to make the most of your mailing list.

Is your WhatsApp Down? Here’s How to Fix It

It sometime a surprised hearing people says, my “WhatsApp is down and its stop working” but there are no reported problems at WhatsApp. WhatsApp can stop working unexpectedly at any time of the day or night locally on your device due to one reason.
Are you having problem connecting with your WhatsApp? Or your WhatsApp is down and suddenly stop working. Here’s how to find out the problem to fix some issue to detect if it is working correctly.

5 Ways to Collect Subcriber Leads for Your Website

If you're information marketers, or selling product online and then looking for easy way to build your online businesses, collecting subscribers leads is most important. One of the most important tasks you can perform is the task of you placing a collecting subscriber leads on website. However, to prevent this from becoming a daunting task, I would recommend that you use method of collection that put you on auto-pilot. Rather than using manual collecting subscriber leads.
To enable to perform the task of collecting subscriber leads require you to do some setup and follow with little additional work.

WhatsApp Now Allow Sharing Of Document Files

Recently, this year WhatsApp was updated with some of the new features such as, sending GIF videos and pictures, creating GIF video, search menu, enable two verification security and others. But mean while in the processed of some of those new features embedded, sharing of files were suppose to have been function but was still testing this feature in the beta version app of WhatsApp.

How to Block A Number On Android Phone

It’s really irritating when you unexpectedly receiving unpleasant calls without being identifying the callers. Whether you are sales marketer or business tycoon having your mobile phone ring every hour only to find unwanted interrupting your day is another headache that everyone encountered.

Of course there are phone users who do put restrictions on calls receive to stop unwanted calls but yet there are persistent offenders who still trying manage to sneak their way through. But the question is what can we do on our phone to stop this madness? In this post we’ll take you through into some of the option to consideration on various Android phones use to put an end into unwanted calls.

Mistakes That Can Make Your Blog Useless

Its sound discourage as a blogger or writer to spend all time and days writing content, and thing do not work out as expecting in term of traffic driving into your blog. Some of the blogger do complain that after a start, thereafter a year their blog remain as dead and this disrupts their attention of focus in blogger profession. However, there this common mistake that’s almost always revolve and made by bloggers. Most of the blogger can sit back and be expecting blog to do all of the work for them, which is a terrible mistake way to approaching in blogging.

How to Save, Download Video and Picture On Facebook to Phone Gallery

Facebook has a larger numbers of videos, pictures that has been posted by millions of users worldwide. Everyone love to watch posted videos and save to download them; and that probably to reduce the work load of their data usage. I was with someone who was watching videos on Facebook and having problem of downloading some of these videos. Then, I discovered that there are some few Facebook users who were still having same problem of how to downloading videos from their Facebook account to save them into phone gallery for use.

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